WorldDanceEvent 2024

Are you in?

On October 10, 2024, at 10:10 a.m., the whole world will dance to Lady Gaga’s

„Always remember us this way“.

We will succeed if everyone participates and acts as a multiplier. Rehearse the dance with friends, family, neighbors, colleagues, etc.

It is about increasing the frequency of self-care and self-responsibility. That’s why everyone dances at the same time!

Live consciously – so that you feel better! Recognize the signs of the times!

Get moving – boost your happiness hormone!

Movement stimulate the body’s own dopamine!

Dopamine is an important neurotransmitter in the brain. A mediator between nerve cells. Positive emotional experiences are passed on. That is why it is often called the happiness hormone. A lack of dopamine means that movement impulses are transmitted only little or slowly. In extreme cases, it can lead to depression, listlessness or Parkinson’s disease.


The first step of the movement on your new path takes place in the mind. You change your perspective and move more from now on. Moving also means dancing. Dancing is moving to music. Life happens every second! Fill every second of your life with your movement and joy. With your body’s own dopamine.

WorldDanceEvent 2024

Listen to your belly – and let your light shine in you!

Your questions, my answers…

You can register to receive the complete choreography with instructions. This video with music can only be received by those who have registered because of the music rights.

Movement to music elevates body, mind and soul. You feel joy. You boost your happiness hormone. Your body’s own dopamine, which you need to keep moving.

This WorldDanceeEvent serves to raise awareness. To increase the light in you. Revitalize your happiness. To support your self-care and self-responsibility for better health. The more people dancing at the same time, the greater the effect.

Materially nothing. Participation requires your willingness to invest time in your health. Your participation is the access to more enjoyment of life, which you can achieve with very simple impulses. By moving to music alone or/and with friends.

My husband had Parkinson’s and Lewis Body Dementia. We heard this song „Always remember us this way“ by Lady Gaga. I drove him through our park and garden in a wheelchair. I sang this song and when I turned around, looking to my husband Robert, he started singing. he raised his legs better. He reached his nose with his hands. He smiled. This was the beginning. Music enlivens. Music heals.

This link will take you to my homage to health >> „Lovestory between body and soul“

I’m Heike Adami, and I know how you feel when you’re at a point where nothing makes any progress. When you walk through everyday life head-controlled. In this moment, life wants to show you a new path. Your body makes you a present by showing you „unknown“ feelings.

I was working as a teacher in everyday school life, until an accident threw me out of the habit. After the bike accident and the subsequent long odyssey from doctor to doctor, I realized that the pain was on a different level. Gray moments. Warm hours in the cold rain. Days that tasted bitter as vermouth. Exhausted and full of hope at the same time, I believed in the pain-free day. Keep ears and eyes open. Discovered the path of healing between heaven and earth and found the solution in SILENCE. 

In silence as the wife and caregiver of my husband who had Parkinson and Lewis Body Dementia. So I know what I’m talking about when I say – Life happens every second. But unfortunately we often feel it later.

Live your happiness!

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