My tribute
to body and soul

This homage to body and soul – The love story between body and soul was created because of my husband’s physical situation.

It was the time, in summer 2021, where the song

„Always remember us this way“ Lady Gaga accompanied us every day.


Those days were the times when Robert sang again. He smiled. His arms could touch his nose.

It was the minutes and seconds of happiness between the situational moments.

My husband, Robert, had Parkinson’s and Lewis Body Dementia.

A physical change
has come into your life …

… and you don’t know what to do with it?

No physical change falls from the sky. Nothing happens overnight. Age is never to blame.


Body and Soul – Homage to body (he) and soul (she)

In the bright Arizona light, he reveals to her the true love buried in his soul.

Like California gold.

He mourns the light not found. He could not find her light within himself. He’s so sorry that he can’t even find the words.

Every time the disease progresses, it hurts.

When the sun goes down and the music stops.

But the feelings are like lovers of the night, those who could not live togetherness in oneness.

This is how the body remembers their time together.

Nothing works without dopamine!
Get moving!
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Body and Soul

The part of me that gives my love to you will never die.

We didn’t know how to live Oneness.

Let’s try now ‚cause all I know is we belong together.

You were there when I needed you, but I didn’t appreciate you enough. But the part of me that gives my love to you will never die.

We don’t know what we did wrong, we just know – we belong together.

But all I really know, we never really got together.

The part of me that gives my love to you will never die. Every time the body changes a little bit and the disease runs its course, it hurts, baby.

The sun goes down and the music stops. But the feelings are like lovers of the night who couldn’t live togetherness in oneness.

I don’t want to remain a memory. I want to be a feeling of you. I want to be one with you.

Baby, my beloved soul.

I’m Heike Adami. I was the wife and caregiver to my husband who had Parkinson’s and Lewis Body Dementia. I was always a person who asked WHY. To understand why. Why this happened. To know the background. To know the cause.

Since 2008 I have been working intensively on my SELF. After the bicycle accident that completely changed my life, I wanted to get in touch with the message: “Morbus Sudeck disease! Nothing works anymore. The hand remains stiff.” A healing odyssey brought me to where I am today.

I had the necessary strength to support my husband. In this time I recognized and learned that other ways also take us to a positive recovery.

This is where my vocation came from. My calling to empower people on their way from failure to happiness. To be the guide of your journey.

As an author and happiness coach.

Live your happiness!

My tribute –
The love story between body and soul!

Did my homage to body and soul convince you?

Are you in?

At the world dance event!

WorldDanceEvent at 10.10.2023, 10:10 am

Nothing is created overnight. Neither the bad nor the good.

How much energy and strength you are willing to give, you know and have known for years. Why not use them for a new way? To start the happiness to your self.


This love story between body and soul can also be yours. Dance along. Connect with your inner happiness. Promote your happiness hormone. That changes your life.

Get the energy to live happily with Parkinson’s from your strength.

Happy to live with your handicap.

I am happy if you dance along and act as a multiplier.

With love, Heike

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