It‘s great that you’re here!

at the WorldTanzEvent on October 10, 2023 at 10:10 a.m

How it works

On October 10, 2023, at 10:10 a.m., the whole world will be dancing

„Always remember us this way“ von Lady Gaga.

We will succeed if everyone participates and acts as a multiplier. Rehearsed the dance with friends, family, neighbors, colleagues, etc.

First and foremost, however, it is about increasing the frequency of self-care and self-responsibility. That’s why everyone dances at the same time!

Here, on my youtubecanal, you will find more videos with instructions.

Your step-by-step instructions

Get moving – boost your happiness hormone!

I’m Heike Adami, and I know how you feel when you’re at a point and can’t make any progress. When you walk through everyday life head-controlled. If now, in this moment, your life shows you a new path, and your body gives you or forces you „unknown“ feelings.

Working as a teacher in everyday school life, an accident threw me out of the habit. After the bike accident and the subsequent long odyssey from doctor to doctor, I realized that the pain was on a different level. gray moments.

Warm hours in the cold rain. Days that tasted bitter as wormwood. Exhausted and full of hope at the same time, I believed in the pain-free day. Keep ears and eyes open. Discovered the path of healing between heaven and earth and found the solution in SILENCE. in the silence.

As the wife and caregiver of my husband, with Parkinson’s and Lewis Body Dementia, I again know what I’m talking about when I say – Life happens in every second. But we often feel it later.

Live your happiness!

Beweg Dich!
Fördere Dein Glückshormon!

Dienstag 6.6.2023, Mittwoch 28.6.2023
AktivLesung - Lesereise durch Barcelona
Workshop zu Deinem Glück, von 19 Uhr

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und entdecke Dich! Neu!
Veranstaltungsort - Regalo Wil